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Saturday, July 29, 2006

PSA: A Word About Why

The Monsters have left me to fend for myself for a little while, as Ernie has a guitar lesson on the other side of town. So we'll pause for a Public Service Announcement, then I'll go make dessert, and then we can talk about just recipes and food for a while, before resuming the cooking frenzy.

See that guy in the picture? Yeah, that guy, the one with the sunny smile?

That's David. He is my very best friend, and he's a little sick. Well...actually, he's a lot sick. He was diagnosed with Alport's Syndrome a few years ago, and is now waiting for the go-ahead for a kidney transplant.

At the moment, transplants are the only thing available to "cure" Alport's patients. There is hope, though.

Our friend Jeff talks today about some pretty amazing research looking at using bone marrow derived stem cells to treat - and maybe even cure - Alport's.

Donations to the National Kidney Foundation are what funds studies like that one - studies that, if enough time and money and patience and thought are thrown at them - may find David's cure sooner, rather than later.

I can't even remember what life was like without this guy. He makes me crazy sometimes (payback, I'm sure, for I know I do it to him, too), but I love him dearly and would do some pretty unspeakable things if it meant he would be well again.

If you haven't already, please hit the sponsor link and toss a couple bucks to the National Kidney Foundation, so they can continue to provide funding for studies like the one Jeff talks about today and outreach programs for patients with kidney diseases.

We can all make a difference.


  • It makes such a difference to put a name and a face and a story with why you're trying to raise money. And you're right... we all CAN make a difference.

    By Blogger Kathy, at 3:28 PM  

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